The BITSAA-BITSMUN travel scholarship was established in 2014 by two Pilani Campus graduates Sachin Jain (Class of 2011) and Aman Gupta (Class of 2012). The scholarship supports deserving students to participate in events that will help them come closer to their life goals. The scholarship’s objective is not only to increase BITSian participation in leadership, business, public speaking and entrepreneurship related events, but also to groom future leaders and equip them with the tools that they will need in their journey.

• A minimum of 30%of the total scholarship funds are earmarked for leadership events such as Model United Nations (MUNs), TATA Jagriti Yatra etc. exclusively.
• Prior experience of similar events or a proven track record, though not a prerequisite, will be highly appreciated.
• Attempts by students to raise funds on their own either through alumni support/crowd funding or other ingenious ideas before they apply for this scholarship would be appreciated. An applicant, who has already been successful in raising funds through other means, at the time of application will in most cases, be given preference over others.

How to Apply?
Please complete the form on this page and submit the same.


Year Name ID No. Amount


2014-2015  Sahil Aggarwal 2011B1A2820P INR 20,000 World Business Dialogue, Germany (2015)
2014-2015  Saurabh Maurya 2012A7PS055P INR 10,000 Jagriti Yatra 2014
2014-2015 Shrikant  Sushil Sharda 2014A7PS046P INR 20,000 International Student Energy Summit 2015, Bali, Indonesia