At the end of 2005, BITSAA International instituted the 30 under 30 awards, to be given every three years, to recognize and honor outstanding BITSians under the age of 30 who have demonstrated excellence in one or more of many areas. These awards are dedicated to all those young BITSians who thought and acted differently, who challenged the status quo, rewrote the rules, and created their own paths, to the best examples of what it means to be a BITSian.

The awards were well received in 2005 and 2009 by the winners as well as the whole of BITSian community. BITS Global 30 under 30 Awards are open to all BITSians graduated/graduating from Pilani, Dubai, Goa, Hyderabad and DLPD (distance learning programs). These awards will translate into opportunities and the winners become role models to others by providing inspiration and motivation to achieve success.

Timeline Process:

March 20 – April 30 – BITSAA International community nominates candidates
May 1 – May 15 – Additional info / clarification requests to those who were nominated
May 16 – June 25 – Processing of nominations and Round 1 evaluations (Panel)
June 25 – Aug 31 – Round 2 Evaluations/ Final decisions
Sep 1 – Sep 15 – Completion of announcement brochure
Sep 18 – Results declaration

Award Categories:

The categories below are intended to assist you in thinking of various areas that you or others have excelled in. However, if you or someone you know has done unique things that we don’t know about, please bring them to our attention.

1. Academia / Research & Development:
This category is for BITSians in the field of Research and Development or Teaching / Imparting Education who have received awards, been accepted into academic programs or research centers to work on high profile projects. E.g. Working with famous professors on high profile subjects, co-authoring papers, receiving young researcher of the year awards.

2. Arts, Literature & Culture:
This is awarded to alumni for excelling in arts, music, writing and culture, and continuing to pursue their passion through public demonstrations at BITS or in the community. They may have published books, created works, produced albums or held exhibitions.

3. Social Entrepreneurship & Community Building:
This is awarded to alumni for being recognized or doing service in the community that has made a difference.

4. Entrepreneurship:
This category is for BITSians who have demonstrated their ability to build and run successful companies at an early age.

5. Invention & Innovation:
This is awarded to alumni for award-winning innovation or creativity in technical areas or for the successful implementation of a radical idea. eg. Development of a software program that has been downloaded many times from the web.

6. Leadership:
This is a general category for BITSians who have demonstrated leadership throughout their lives during school, at BITS and today by being elected or nominated to many positions of responsibility e.g. Student run organizations at school, at BITS

7. Professional Achievement:
This category is for BITSians who have demonstrated leadership potential in the workplace. Alums would have received awards, rapid promotions or responsibility out of proportion of their age in the workplace.

8. Sports:
This is awarded to alumni for excelling in sports at school, BITS, and continuing to pursue sport in the community, and winning awards/prizes for doing so. e.g. A top tennis player who has won tournaments while at school, BITS and continues to play competitive tennis and win after graduation in his or her city.


Winners of 2015 edition

Winners of 2012 edition

Winners of 2005 edition

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