The applications for Paper Publication Assistance (Financial Assistance for Paper Publication in Reputed Journals – Courtesy : Class of 1966-‘71) is now OPEN!

Deadline: 31st Dec, 2017 (Sunday)


Four grants, each worth Rs.5,000 for undergrad students and two grants worth Rs.10,000 each for  post-graduate students are to be awarded for publishing papers in reputed journals.


  • Students from Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad Campuses are eligible to apply for the grant
  • The student should be enrolled in one of the BITS campuses at the time of application for the grant

Timelines & Evaluation:

  • The applications need to be evaluated once every academic year. Four grants of Rs.5,000 for undergraduate students and two grant worth Rs.10,000 for post-graduate student shall be disbursed every year.
  • Application Cycle will be as follows :

Submission date: Sept 1 – Jul 31

Evaluation by BITS (Completed by): Aug 31

Evaluation by BITSAA (Completed by): Sept 30

Decision Notification: Oct 1


  • The candidates have to download the application form and submit the completed form at BITS OAA. Students from each campus should mail their application forms along with a copy of the paper to the faculty in-charge: Prof. Veeky Baths (
  • Applications received by BITS shall be evaluated within the time frame after which the top 8 candidates(across all campuses) from undergraduate applicants and top 6 candidates(across all candidates) from post-graduate applicants shall be sent to BITSAA for the second round of evaluation.
  • The BITS evaluation panel shall consists of two faculty members from each campus
  • Mr. V V Ramanan and Mr. B C Jain, both from Class of 1971 will form the second evaluation panel for selecting the final list of winners until other evaluators are identified.
  • BITSAA Awards Team ensures that the process is completed within the timelines.
  • In case there is a tie between the applicants than the available disbursal amount, grants will be awarded to applicants with the most financial need.
  • If the money allocated for a year is not used completely, the unused money can be allocated to give financial assistance to more students in the immediate next academic year.
  • If there are no applications for a year, the money can be diverted to give financial assistance towards registration fee for participation in National/International Conferences in the next academic year
  • Any incomplete application will not be considered for Scholarship

If you would like more information about this scholarship, or have any questions / comments / suggestions, please send a mail to