Research Scholarship is funded by Goa campus alumnus, Mr. Satish Sankaralingam. The details of this scholarship can be found below:


The scholarship is to promote the independent scientific thinking in the community of students. This will be reflected through publication of research papers/posters in Journals/Conferences.

Amount of the scholarship: Rs.15000/-

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Independent research papers in any field where student(s) are sole author(s).
2. Research Papers/Posters should have been selected in conference and waiting for presentation/publication at the time of application or already published. If published, the publication date should be between April, 2016 to April, 2017.
3. Students who have applied last year cannot re-apply with the same Paper/Poster.

Year of study: BE – both Single and Dual Degree (Any year).


The application should contain the following:
1. Resume
2. Research paper/poster (If the paper/poster is published, then the publication details should also be attached.)
3. Selection letter


1. All the documents should be sent in a zip/rar file to
2. A hard copy of the application should be submitted at the Alumni Affairs Office (#B-408) before the deadline. Without this, the soft copy of the application will not be considered.

Evaluation Process:

1. The first round of screening of the papers will be done by respective departments in our campus.
2. The papers selected in first round will be screened in second round by TIFR/IIT professors.


1. The results will be announced in third week of May every year.
2. The scholarship amount will be handed out in the form of “Bank check” in the name as specified in the scholarship application.

Kindly send a mail to if you have any queries.


Year Name ID No. Amount
2014 Gurdeep Singh 2010B1A3672G 3750
Kartikeya Bharadwaj 2010A3PS034G 3750
Sachin Joglekar 2011A7PS072G 3750
Shubham Mishra 2012B4A8710G 3750
2015 Praneet Bhatia 2011A3PS208G 7500
Aman Srivastava 2012A7PS126G 2500
Sanskritie Dawle 2012A7PS083G 2500
Ankur Omar 2012A8PS296G 2500
2016 Hardik Rajesh Hingorani 2012B2A1636G 10000
Dhruv Shekhawat 2012A7PS110G 5000
2017 Hardik Rajesh Hingorani 2012B2A1636G 5000
Shashwat Verma 2012B2A4638G 5000
Sukirt Thakur 2013A4PS243G 5000