Mantra Awards 2020-2021 (Results declared)

Mantra Awards:

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) at BITS Pilani aims to create future leaders at BITS Pilani. CEL not only seeks to create all-round leaders, but also focuses specifically on students who break new grounds in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and social ventures. In addition, CEL aims to empower and inspire BITSian women to play a significant leadership role.

The Mantra awards were instituted by CEL, in 2009, to recognize and reward outstanding students who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership potential and/or entrepreneurial initiative. Mr. Anupendra Sharma, Co-founder of CEL, Investment Partner at Siemens Venture Capital in Boston, and CEL Alumni Advisor had initiated the creation of the Four ‘Mantra Awards’ namely :

  1. Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership – 2 awards (1 male, 1 female): For outstanding achievement in areas of leadership, with a particular focus on at least 1 outstanding achievement in a chosen category, and consistent demonstration of all-round leadership potential. Rs. 5,000 each in prize money.
  2. Mantra Entrepreneur of the Year Award: For outstanding achievement in entrepreneurship demonstrated during the stay at BITS, either in writing business plan(s), starting social or commercial ventures, or creating commercializable innovations on campus. Rs. 5,000 in prize money.
  3. Mantra Award for Social Leadership: For demonstrating a commitment to social leadership either through the creation of sustainable ventures or for contribution in not-for-profit events on campus. Rs. 5,000 in prize money.
  4. Mantra Innovator of the Year Award: For demonstrating an ability to invent or build innovative products or ideas in the labs. (Optional Award)



These awards shall be open to all current, full-time students of BITS Pilani (on-campus or Practice School), excepting:

  • CEL student member on the Award selection Panel
  • Any past winner of Mantra Awards in that category
  • Any student with a record of indiscipline and/or malpractice at BITS Pilani.
  1. Cases where eligibility is not clear will be decided by the Award Panel.
  2. CEL will also proactively seek out people to nominate as recipients of these awards.


The Panel:

  • The Panel will include faculty members and students from all the four campuses.
  • In order to ensure fairness, the identity of the student on the Panel shall be known only to the Panel members and the CEL Student President.
  • The faculty members for the next year’s Panel will be decided by the Panel members, with advice from the CEL Faculty Coordinator and Student President.
  • Faculty members may serve the Panel for more than one year. Student members may not serve for more than one year.


Calling for Nominations:

  • The Panel would call for nominations beforehand by electronic submission.
  • CEL should also proactively nominate deserving candidates.
  • CEL student body would be responsible for coordinating the awards.
  • Advertisements calling for nominations shall be put up on campus. They would also be marketed electronically, through email etc.

Please note: Currently we haven’t started inviting applications for this award


Selection Process

The selection process will be in two steps.

  1. Candidates submit a short write-up on their achievements electronically.
  2. If required, more information would be requested from the candidates

Winners would be announced at the event and all nominees would be invited.

Winners – 2017

Category Recipient(s) ID number
Outstanding Leadership (Female) Heer Joisher 2014B1A30709G
Outstanding Leadership (Male) Sarthak Singh 2014B2A80710G
Entrepreneur of the Year Lokesh Garg 2015B3A30418G
Social Leadership Vishwa Prakash 2014A1PS0635G
Innovator of the year Siddhant Patil 2015A8PS0475G

Winners – 2016

Category Recipient(s) ID number
Outstanding Leadership (Female) Neha Garg 2013A8PS417G
Outstanding Leadership (Male) Sarvajot Singh 2014A1PS654G
Entrepreneur of the Year Akshay Sonandkar 2013A4PS361G
Social Leadership Naimil Shah 2013A7PS129G
Innovator of the year Shubham Maheshwari 2013A4PS217G


Winners – 2015

Category Recipient(s) ID number
Outstanding Leadership Anadi Rakesh 2012A3PS141G
Entrepreneur of the Year Prakhar Sharma 2011B3A4436G
Social Leadership Sanskriti Dawle 2012A7PS083G
Innovator of the year Aman Karan Srivastava 2012A7PS126G

If you would like more information about this award, or have any questions / comments / suggestions, please send a mail to