Bhushan Bhatia Graduate Application Scholarship

About The Scholarship

Bhushan Bhatia Graduate Application Scholarship provides financial assistance to BITSians for their applications to MS/PhD programs. We believe BITSians are among the very best in engineering our country has to offer and hence deserve the very best grad schools the world has to offer. This initiative is a small step towards ensuring that the financial burden of applications does not get in the way of an ambitious and successful app.

The cost of applying to graduate programs has risen considerably in the last few years. Taking the GRE costs ~$170, and the Subject Test and TOEFL cost $150 each; additional score reports come to at least $15 per university for each of these tests. Application fees for each program have also risen; at Stanford, for instance, the fee is $105. UC Berkeley and UIUC (both public schools) have fees of $80 and $75 respectively. Even for people applying to just 6 universities, the cost of tests and application fees alone can easily be over $1000. Then there are costs for transcripts, visa applications and processing, and much more.

Since applying has become so expensive, it’s become harder for many BITSians to afford. The idea is for BITS alumni to pay for a significant part of the costs, making the application process more affordable. This should also encourage more BITSians to apply to top schools. We hope that the program will eventually become self-sustaining, with people who receive the scholarship in one year paying for the next generation of BITSians to apply.


All students who are  currently pursuing their final year of undergraduate  degree in any of the BITS campuses are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Over the next few years, until the program becomes self-sustaining, its success will largely depend on the enthusiastic support of alumni for their juniors. The current plan is to support 3 students during their application process. Please note that BITSAA does not support funding for graduate studies at this point.

How to Apply?

Kindly apply here!

2018 Recipients:
  • Vasu Gupta (2015A3TS0166G)
  • Shreya Arya (2014B4A70866G)
2017 Recipients:
  • Achyudh Ram K (2013B3A70439G)
  • Nidhi Kadkol (2014A7PS0026G)
  • George Joeseph (2013B5A70112G)
2016 Recipients:
  • Ketan Pant (2013A8TS413G)

If you would like more information about this scholarship, or have any questions / comments / suggestions, please send a mail to