BITSAA International Support for Pursuing Thesis Abroad

About the Scholarship

BITSAA International Support for Thesis program is aimed to support on-campus students who wanted to pursue their Thesis at locations outside India.

Notice:  Applications submission for this scholarship for students pursuing thesis in semester 2 2018-19 starts on July 1st 2018.  

Students whose 6 <= CGPA < 8 are eligible to apply. Students with CGPA >= 8, please apply to the ones offered by IPCD division.

BITS IPCD division is also offering same kind of support to students. Check the details here

For further queries contact:

Prof. N N Ghosh
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
Associate Dean for International Programmes and Collaboration Division


  • The maximum financial assistance provided by the BITSAA Support for Thesis @ abroad Program would usually be upto 37.5% of the total travel expenses incurred by the recipient and the rest has to be raised by the student from other sources.
  • Applications are accepted from second month of the new semester. For ex, if the semester starts from Aug, then applications are accepted from September.
  • Students who wanted to pursue in a semester, must apply in his/her previous semester. For ex, if the student wanted to pursue Thesis in the semester that starts from Jan, then he should apply for support in the previous semester that starts from August.


  • Students who wish to pursue their Thesis during their stay in BITS campuses.
  • The Thesis to be pursued need not necessarily be as part of their Practice School II.

Who judges the applications?

The BITSAA Expert Panel consists of eminent alumni drawn from the academia all over the world. They continuously evaluate applications from across the BITS campuses and recommend students for Travel and Graduate Application Scholarships.

Disclaimer: Please note the policies and eligibility criteria may change at any time without prior notice at the discretion of BITSAA International. Information provided at this page should be treated as current unless communicated otherwise.

How to Apply?

Please complete and submit the form online.

If you would like more information about this scholarship, or have any questions / comments / suggestions, please send a mail to