BITSAA International Career Center

What is it?

BITSAA Career Center is the single stop for all careers’ initiatives at BITSAA International.

BITSAA Career Center

BITS Pilani has always looked after its students. Being the top private university in the country, it provides its students with a platform like no other. Not only is it a melting pot of culture from various parts of India, but also one of talent from across the country. BITSians have a strong tradition of supporting each other, which starts on campus, going well beyond academics to other spheres of life. BITSAA had a vision of taking this same support and guidance well beyond the realms of BITS Pilani, helping BITSians who have graduated to tap into the sea of opportunity presented by the highly powerful and resourceful BITSAA network. And that is how Career Center came to into being!

Career Center hopes to be the one stop platform for BITSians to discuss, share and grow together by sharing professional opportunities, helping them achieve tremendous professional success. BITSians looking for opportunities to advance their careers as well as those looking for great talent for their organizations need not look any further anymore. And no, it’s not just your regular job portal. It is an unprecedented avenue for the 44000 strong BITSian alumni network to leverage the strength of its connections in order to achieve the pinnacle of success.

Seeking opportunities in your dream company, acquiring the best talent for your start-up, getting career advice from those who have excelled in their fields is all just a click away.

Career center helps BITSians seek and reach out to the best organizations, and also allows organizations to tap into the immense talent pool of our ever so talented alumni base. It is a platform for BITSians to reach out to one another, seeking help, mentorship, advice and much more. With Career Center, we hope to bring the immensely talented and brilliant BITSian diaspora together in the hopes of creating a community which is much more close knit, helping make the right connections, nurturing talent and giving dreams the opportunity to be realized.

Career center will change the way we look at connections. You no longer need to forage multiple contact lists and social networks to find a fellow BITSians for a job referrals, nor post time consuming posts/ ads to find the right talent.

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BITS-AMP (Alumni Mentoring Platform)

BITSAA recognizes the important role of alumni mentoring relationships in shaping careers. To this end, BITSAA is proud to announce BITS Alumni Mentoring Program (“BITS-AMP”), to help students and alumni navigate and AMP-lify and enrich their lives beyond BITS.

Through mentoring interactions facilitated by BITS-AMP, a student or alumnus will be able to meet and benefit from life experiences and advices provided by alumni mentors.


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