Prof. S. Venkateswaran Faculty Excellence Award:

About the Award:

The award is instituted by the generosity of BITS Alumnus Mr. Karthik Krishna in the name Prof. S Venkateswaran, former Director & Vice Chancellor of BITS, Pilani who was very close to his heart. In Karthik’s own words, “The biggest issue faced by educational institutions today is the lack of faculty. Faculties are the key part of student development and hence it is important for alumni to do their maximum to help retain, encourage and develop faculty. This is my humble effort to contribute to this thought.”

Prof. S Venkateswaran joined this Institute on 30th January, 1974 as a faculty member and later served in various capacities as Dean, Deputy Director, Director, Vice Chancellor and Advisor till 31st December 2009. During his tenure, the Institute expanded and also established new campuses in Dubai, Goa and Hyderabad. He was an outstanding administrator, excellent human being and was highly respected by students, staffs, faculties and alumni of the Institute. He was a well-known personality in education in India and abroad.


Establishment of the Award:

  • A yearly contribution of INR 100,000 shall be made by BITS alumnus Karthik Krishna for a period of 5 years.
  • The award is to be named “Prof. S Venkateswaran Faculty Excellence Award” instituted by Karthik Krishna (1993 Batch).
  • The award will commence from 2012
  • The Excellence Awards shall be announced each year before the end of Semester II (January-June)
  • One Faculty Excellence Award shall be awarded each year.
  • The award shall consist of a Rolling Plaque (with name of the winner inscribed), and framed along with a certificate and a cash award of INR 100,000.
  • All shortlisted candidates shall be presented with a certificate of appreciation.



  • Any full-time faculty member of BITS Pilani at its Pilani, Dubai, Goa or Hyderabad campuses are eligible to apply
  • The faculty member must have experience of atleast three years at any of the BITS campuses
  • The faculty member must hold a Doctorate degree
  • The faculty member must be at least an Assistant Professor at BITS
  • The faculty member must not have won any other Faculty Excellence Award the previous year


Selection Process:

  • Applications will be received based on nominations whereby any full-time faculty member teaching at any of the BITS Pilani campuses – Pilani, Dubai, Goa or Hyderabad may nominate herself/himself , accompanied by a Letter of Support from another faculty member of the Institute.
  • Any full-time faculty member teaching at any of the BITS Pilani campuses – Pilani, Dubai, Goa or Hyderabad may nominate a fellow faculty member, accompanied by a Letter of Acceptance from the nominee.
  • The selection panel consists of four members. Two will be from BITS and two from alumni. Two members from BITS shall be directors from any two campuses of BITS or their nominees. The alumni members for the first two years will be Karthik Krishna ( and Mukul Chawla (, both from 1993 batch. They might want to delegate the nomination responsibility to BITSAA/BITS thereafter.
  • The Committee will shortlist a max of 6 from the received nominations and announces the shortlist.
  • The faculty member’s shortlist shall be assessed based on the professional achievements provided on the application as well as on the essays.
  • Students and other faculty members will be invited to give their recommendations for the shortlisted candidates and 3 nominations will be selected out of the 6.
  • A personal discussion will also be held with the applicants via teleconference or video conference.
  • A few measurable parameters for selection, by no means to be considered exhaustive, are listed below.
  • Innovation in Instruction (creative methods/courses which enhanced the students’ understanding and learning)
  • Professional Achievement (publications, projects, committee membership etc.)
  • Contributions to BITS Pilani (involvement in activities outside the classroom)
  • Commitment to student success (success of students in his/her courses, involvement of students in his/her projects/publications)
  • Contributions towards neighborhood societal development

Prof. S. Venkateshwaran Faculty Excellence Award 2013 – Winner

Prof. S. Venkateshwaran Faculty Excellence Award 2012 – Winner

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