The intent of this award is to encourage students to conduct summer research at educational/research institutes across India (including BITS’ campuses). Such research stints during the summer break would help students gain valuable research experience that could manifest in the form of journal and conference publications later or help them choose their career path.

Eligibility criteria:

  • BE/MSc – both Single and Dual degrees (any year/branch)
  • The student should be enrolled at the Goa campus

Students with some research experience and who would be working on specialized projects are strongly advised to apply. First-year and Second-year students who are passionate about research or want to explore it are also encouraged to apply.

Application process:

Interested students should prepare a single PDF document that:

  • Explains the objective and intent of their summer research project (max 200 words)
  • Explains their past research experiences (max 300 words)
  • Includes a personal statement on why they feel that they should get this award (max 300 words)
  • Prepare a CV (not more than 2 pages)

In addition, the student should submit an acceptance letter on the institute letterhead from their supervisor of the host institute clearly mentioning:

  • The title and duration of the summer research project
  • If the student would receive any financial/residential support from the host institute/professor
  • The type of research project: Online / Onsite

Besides, any other documents supporting their motivation (eg: papers published or posters presented) can also be sent along with the aforementioned set of documents.

Selection committee:

The selection committee would consist of Scientists/BITS professors/BITS alumni in research.


Every year 3-5 best applications will be selected and awarded scholarships of INR 80,000 in total.

Tentative Timeline for 2023:

18 January 2023 (Thursday) – 19 March 2023 (Sunday): Application submission

April: Evaluation period

May 1st week: Results announced


  • This year’s award is for the research internship that will be conducted in summer 2023.
  • Please note that CGPA is not a criteria for selection, unless it’s a tie.

2023 winners:

Name & ID numberInternship at Award money
Anuj Pradhan (2020A1PS2048G)IIT Bombay Rs. 25000
Anagha Rajesh (2020B2PS1953G)IISER Bhopal Rs. 17500
Pranav Srikanth (2020B5A71865G)DIAT Pune Rs. 17500
Pranav Ballaney (2018B1A70635G)Purdue USA Rs. 10000
Ayush Bharadwaj (2021A7PS2634G)MIT USA Rs. 10000

2022 winners:

Name & ID numberInternship at Award money
Pranav Goyal (2019A8PS0548G)CMU, USA Rs. 20625
Somesh Kumar Singh (2018A7PS0175G)IIIT Delhi Rs. 11250
Avdhesh Vermani (2019A1PS1060G)UNSW Sydney Rs. 11250
Vaibhav Ganatra (2019A7PS0010G)IISER Kolkata Rs. 11250
Shubham Rajnish Gandhi (2019A7PS0086G) BITS Goa Rs. 5625

2021 winners:

Name & ID number Internship at Award money
Ashwin Kumar K. (2017B5A81034G) TIFR Hyderabad Rs. 20000
Arya Agarwal (2017B1A10831G) BITS Goa Rs. 10000
Hrishik Sagar (2018AAPS0340G) IIT Madras Rs. 10000
Ayushi Dubal (2019A7PS0099G)HRI Allahabad Rs. 10000
Nishanth Sanjeev (2017A7TS0970G)Harvard USA Rs. 10000

2019 winners:

Name & ID numberInternship at Award money
Glenn Fernandes (2014B1A30937G)MIT, USA Rs. 17000
Akshay Dharmavaram (2015A7A30039G) IISc Bengaluru Rs. 17000
Pujika Kumar (2016A3PS0653G)IIT Kanpur Rs. 17000

2018 winners:

Name & ID number Internship at Award money
Vivek Khanna (2015A1PS0670G) IIT Bombay Rs. 17000
Sachita Nishal (2016A7PS0719G) IIT Madras Rs. 17000
Aditya Sinha (2015B3A70352G) IISc Bengaluru Rs. 8500
M Vaishnav (2015A1PS0548G) IISc Bengaluru Rs. 8500

If you would like more information about this scholarship or have any questions/comments/suggestions, please send a mail to