BITS2SERIES is an Embryo initiative for on campus students by Alumni Affairs, BITS Goa which aims on providing valuable guidance in various fields. It is essentially a series of talks by alumni who’ve made it big in their respective fields. As the name suggests, the talks are mainly on what to do after BITS, i.e, focused on BITS to somewhere.

The contribution from the alumni is the key that makes this a successful initiative.

This is so because:

Getting key points and tips from alumni helps the current students get 50% closer to their goal since whatever doubts and hardships which the alumni faced while preparing for their higher studies will almost be the same as that which the current students face. Therefore, the points given by the alumni can be more relatable and relevant.

Also, after joining our prestigious institution, BITS Pilani, we all become a family and there is nothing better than helping one and other out and giving heads up for our future growth.  

Given below is a list of talks which come under this series,



BITS2B – School  


CAT Champs

GRE Champs