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Giving to BITS

Thank you for deciding to donate to BITS Goa. There are various avenues where alumni donations have been used - scholarships, Research Endowment Funds, faculty awards, infrastructure development, setting up labs and many more. Your contributions are valuable and help make the campus what it is today, and what it will be in the years to come.

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Alumni Articles

Unlock the captivating tales of our accomplished alumni. From their personal growth to professional success, their stories are sure to leave you in awe. Get a glimpse into their lives and be motivated by their achievements by reading our Alumni stories today!

Kushal Verma: Riding the Creative Business Waves to Mastery

Kushal Verma, a BITS Pilani marine engineering graduate, shifted into a creative business expert, crafting brand strategies and growth plans. Inspired by his tech logistics startup, he emphasizes authentic storytelling across various mediums.

Career Transitions: Insights from Noyonika Banerjee

Noyonika Banerjee, a 2015 BITS Goa graduate in Electrical and Electronics, transitioned to investment banking, emphasizing adaptability and skill transferability. Her experiences offer guidance for navigating dynamic career paths, highlighting the significance of a strong educational foundation.

Suryansh Rastogi: Cloud Security Today

Suryansh Rastogi, a BITS Pilani graduate, transitioned into cloud security roles at Deloitte US, Oracle, and Microsoft. He shares insights on security considerations, career transitions, and growth opportunities in the field. Connect with him on LinkedIn for guidance.